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Copy of Copy of Abbie - FAVE FINAL.png


If COVID regulations casuse for an event to be cancelled or postponed.....

we can assure you that we will re-book your ticket onto the first re-scheduled event.

If you are unable to attend a brunch event, we are unable to refund, however, we absolutely encourage you to pass on your ticket to one of your nearest and dearest - caring is sharing. 

Tickets are non-transferable to other dates. 

We are unable to refund any tickets that are not utilised. 

Ts & Cs

If you've come as far as the

terms and conditions,

it means you're our type

of person!

We've answered as

many of your 

frequently asked questions below. If there's still something bothering you, head to our Contact Page and get in touch. 


Mr Drakeford gets to decide this. We abide by the "max number per table" guidance from him.

Right now it is 10 per table...

but as we all know, that changes regularly. 

If you are booking a large number of tickets, we can promise you that your guests will be split over tables right next to one another. We don't want to see any tears.

Additionally, if you are booking less than a tale of 6 - you will be sat with some beautiful new friends.  


We can cater for all dietary requirements, please let us know when booking, and no later than 1 week before. 


We really love our guests, and encourage you to enjoy life at its fullest. However....... if you enjoy a little too much and somehow manage to damage or break property belonging to The Celtic Manor, you will need to raid that piggy bank and kindly replace it.